Friday, April 6, 2012

Criminal Defense Against Under Aged Drinking

When a person is legally allowed to consume alcohol varies from country to country. For instance, the Australians feel that 18 years is the safe drinking age, whereas the Americans feel that it is 21 years. The governing authorities as well as the rules are different in the countries. The actual age seems to be irrelevant, because people under the age of 21 often get their hands on alcohol.

A comparison between the past figures and the current figures relating to the drinking habits among youth depicts the rising trend of it. Some people argue that the rising trend is a direct result of broken home families, media influences and a general desensitization to alcohol abuse in general. While others say that the higher number of underage arrests does not prove that more under aged children are drinking, but just that law enforcement is more strict in modern times. There are several reasons why those under the age of 21 continue to drink even though it is illegal.

These reasons can include peer pressure, inconsiderate propensity, personal problems, love life, academic issues, depression, aggression etc. The after effects of underage drinking are deadly, they include improper conduct, traffic accidents, rave parties, suicides, death, problems that relate to alcoholism etc.

We need to better educate the youth on the dangers of under aged drinking and teach responsibility. Criminal defense lawyers understand what is it like for under aged kids to be threatened with serious offenses and they work with the family and the child to receive the best possible outcome for the child.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Reality of a DUI Charge

If you are found guilty of DUI, driving under the influence, the consequences can be very serious. The punishments vary in the different jurisdictions, but they are always significant. If the drunk driver gets involved in an accident that causes serious injury or death to the victim, additional charges that can carry prison sentences are often involved. Drunk driving has always been an issue in American society but, over the past few decades, law enforcement has made it an even larger priority.

The consequences of a DUI conviction can seriously be life changing. These include losing your license, high fines and legal fees, drastically increased insurance premiums, vehicle impoundment, prison time, probation, community service, and alcohol treatment. Governments in many jurisdictions have been regularly introducing bills to tighten DUI laws. In addition to the many personal consequences, those who drive under the influence are putting others lives at risk.

If you are charged with driving under the influence, a local DUI lawyer is the person you ought to call. These attorneys understand your difficult situation and are experienced in defending those in your position. DUI lawyers will examine every aspect of your case to minimize any negative consequences. These are serious charges, so it is important to hire a DUI lawyer if you have been wrongly charged. After all, your reputation, assets, and freedom are on the line.