Monday, October 24, 2011

When Police Brutality Happens, Call a Criminal Lawyer

When police brutality becomes an issue at hand, there are several things that will generally take place. Depending on the specific situation that surrounds the accusations that are being made and any charges that may be filed, the police officer in question may be put on paid leave from work until the issue is completely resolved. In situations where police brutality is an accusation, there is generally quite a bit of investigation work that takes place. This is frequently done by members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In some cases the investigation that is required also involves the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division as well.

In the event that an officer of the law is convicted on charges they have received for police brutality, there are a number of different forms of punishment that they may end up facing. Not only is it likely that they will be liable for various fines but depending on the severity of the crime they may also be looking at jail time as well. Another problem they will also face is losing their job.
When a person has been convicted of police brutality, it is a must to consult with criminal lawyer that has a vast knowledge in this area to ensure they obtain the least amount of fines and punishment.

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