Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Probation Violations and Detainer Hearings

Probation violations and detainer hearings are terms that are often heard together. This is simply because when terms of probation are violated, then the individual will frequently have a detainer hearing to tend with. Probation violations and detainer hearings can quickly become a serious situation that involves heft fines and even jail time. To list some of the most common technical violations include the following:
  • Fines or court costs not being paid
  • Failure to appear in court
  • The violation of a restraining order
  • Being tardy to a probation meeting
  • Failing a court ordered drug or alcohol test
  • Not attending a scheduled probation meeting
  • Failing to complete court mandated counseling, rehabilitations or classes
  • Various others
Probation violations and detainer hearings that a judge chooses to lodge against an individual that has violated their probation will depend a great deal on the specific circumstances that surround the violation. This will often end in steeper fines and longer time added to a jail sentence.
When a person is facing probation violations and detainer hearings, their best bet is to consult the best criminal lawyer familiar with this specific procedure. They are often able to convince the judge to lift detainers that have been set.

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