Thursday, October 6, 2011

Possible Outcomes for Child Pornography Charges

Internet child pornography is a serious problem that seems to continuously grow even larger. There are also some very harsh penalties that a person that is charged and convicted of this type of crime will end up facing. There is a variety of levels of this type of crime that a person can be charged with.
The most serious level of Internet child pornography is the making of pornographic material that involves children and this serious crime also carries some very harsh punishments. Another level of this crime is the distribution of materials that involve child porn. The specific level of punishment a person will receive for charges like Internet child pornography will depend a great deal on the particular crimes that are being committed. A person that has pornographic material in their possession involving children face a jail term of up to almost 5 years. This is not to mention all the fines they face and the requirement of registering on the national registry of sex offenders. The creation and distribution of materials such as this result in penalties that are much steeper.
Even if it is a first offense, a person that has a charge of internet child pornography against them will want to consult an expert criminal attorney with thorough knowledge of charges and convictions like this.

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