Sunday, October 9, 2011

Internet Sex Crimes Are a Serious Offense

Internet sex crimes are being looked upon as extremely serious offenses and the laws that surround these types of crimes are getting tougher all the time. There is also a very broad spectrum of different criminal acts that fit under the description of Internet sex crimes. A person that is caught trying to arrange a meeting with someone who is not of legal age for sexual reasons can end up facing as much as $5000 in fines and as much as three years in prison.
If a person arranges a specific time and place and then goes to meet a minor for sexual reasons, they will generally face as much as four years in prison and a felony conviction. Internet sex crimes also describe situations where a person contacts a minor that they know for sexual reasons. This is a serious crime that can result in a lengthy stay in jail, which will depend greatly on all of the factors that surround the case.

In cases like this it is imperative to consult an attorney familiar with every aspect of Internet sex crimes. They can help get bail requirements eliminated and in some situations suggest electronic monitoring or house arrest instead of a jail term.

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