Saturday, October 1, 2011

Forfeiture & Getting Your Property Back

When a person’s property happens to be connected to a crime that they have committed, the individual faces the strong possibility of the state claiming and taking possession of the property. This type of action is what is commonly referred to as a criminal forfeiture. It is also a penalty that is in addition to any other penalties such as fines, jail time or criminal prosecution that the person may already be facing.
You will find that each state has their own specific set of rules that are in place when it comes to the types of circumstances that actually justify the action of a criminal forfeiture. Another element that can vary greatly from one state to the next is the specific types of property that can be taken as a penalty for criminal forfeiture. In some states the possession of a person’s vehicle can even be taken over when they have received a charge for driving under the influence.

When a person has been given notice that seizure of their property is going to take place, the best chances of possibly having charges like this lowered would be to contact a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer with experience in criminal forfeiture.

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