Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advice if Charged With Gun Possession

Gun possession is a charge that can result in a varying degree of penalties that can range from enormous fines to a stay in prison. If there have been any types of violent crimes committed when a person is charged with the crime of gun possession, then they can automatically expect to have five years added onto the sentence they are punished with. In the event that the crime involves a machine gun or assault weapon, an additional 20 years will automatically be added to the sentence they receive.
The amount of fines or jail time that a person receives for gun possession charges is largely determined by the specific state that they live in. This is simply because they can vary a great deal from one state to the next. They are also independent of federal firearm laws that exist.

In many cases, the charges that a person faces for gun possession can be reduced, simply by consulting a leading Philadelphia criminal attorney with experience in cases like this. The biggest determining factors that can help a criminal defense attorney build a case in the defendant’s favor are the force, fraud and intent that may have been used when the charges occurred.

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