Saturday, September 17, 2011

Should your Consult a Criminal Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges

There are some states that view the act of domestic violence as a very serious charge. In others, there are not a specific set of laws in place in regards to this type of crime. In these cases, the person that commits this crime is likely to face charges of assault and battery or other charges that may be related to the crime, such as sexual assault.
The specific charges that a person may receive for domestic violence may differ somewhat from one state to another. However, in most all cases a crime like this will entail fines that will have to be paid, a short stay in jail and probation. There are also some cases where the guilty party will end up having to attend a program such as anger management or other type of abuse program. The length of probation in most all states is usually set at one year. A restraining order is often another penalty that is placed against the person that is guilty of domestic violence.
The skill and experience of a professional criminal attorney is often what it takes to get charges of domestic violence either reduced or completely dismissed when clients find themselves facing this type of unfortunate dilemma.

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