Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Sense of Federal Criminal Charges

When crimes have been committed across the state line or there are several different states that are involved with a specific crime that has been committed, it is not uncommon for the guilty party to ultimately end up facing federal criminal charges. This completely eliminates any confusion that might arise between states on making the decision of which particular state should handle the prosecution of the crime committed. It also means that the federal court will be handling the trail, which means the prosecution for federal criminal charges is much more involved than in trails that are held by the state.
Each case that involves federal criminal charges is held in accordance with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. What this ultimately means is regardless of what the local, county or state laws may be, federal laws will take precedence over each of these. Federal Sentencing Guidelines are also used when the courts are making the determination of the specific penalties that will be handed down for federal criminal charges.

If facing conviction in the Philadelphia area, it is vital for people with charges of this nature to consult a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney that is thoroughly versed in all forms of federal litigation, including sentencing and prosecution. It could very well mean the difference of a few years behind bars verses the rest of your life.

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