Friday, September 23, 2011

Federal Sentencing & State Sentencing - What's the Difference?

There are several differences between the results obtained in federal sentencing as opposed to those that are generally given during state sentencing after a trial has been held for someone charged with any number of crimes. For instance, the specific punishment that may be handed down from a judge during the process of federal sentencing tends to be much harsher than the penalties that a person may receive from a judge in a state court proceeding. In some situations a person may receive as much as ten or more year’s punishment during federal sentencing for the crimes they have committed. Another person that has been convicted of the very same crime may only receive just a few years of punishment in jail when they are sentenced in a state court. The amounts of penalties in fines that a person may receive are frequently also a lot steeper than those that are given in state courts.
The first thing a person will want to do when they are facing federal sentencing is to hire a criminal lawyer before any formal charges are received. This raises their chances of possibly receiving a sentence that is far lower than what it would be without an experienced professional on their side.

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