Sunday, September 18, 2011

DUI Crimes & Punishments - What You Need to Know

Driving under the Influence, which is more commonly known by many people as a DUI, is a charge that is determined by the blood alcohol concentration of BAC. This level can be obtained in a variety of ways that include a urine test, a breath test or with the use of a blood test.
When a person receives a charge of driving under the influence, there are several different punishments that they could possibly end up facing. Below you will find is a list of several punishments that are often given when a person is charged with one or more driving under the influence convictions.
  • Many defendants are often required to attend alcoholic anonymous meetings
  • The defendant may face the requirement of having an interlock device installed on their vehicle
  • The license of many DUI drivers is suspended
  • The defendant’s vehicle may need to be forfeited
  • Jail time or a lengthy prison sentence is a very real possibility
If you are convicted in the Philadelphia area, the skill and expertise of an experienced Philadelphia defense attorney can provide defendants that have received a driving under the influence charge with a legal course of action that could very well result in a reduced penalty.

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