Monday, August 29, 2011

Insider Trading Charges

The world of business thrives on information. Comprehensive research and planning is a strong arbiter of success and nowhere is this truer than in investing. The most obvious concern, however, is the issues brought about by unequal access to information that can have a huge impact on financial markets, companies, and economies in general. 
"He wasn't just a financial technician. He had leadership skills, interpersonal skills and the ability to bring in business, which fit the role of a managing partner of a big accounting firm. He also has a great sense of humor," the friend said. "What he admitted to is out of character given everything everyone knows about the guy. He knows the rules." -
The above quote is from a former colleague of H. Clayton Peterson, an accountant from the Denver area who was recently charged with insider trading. Mr. Peterson and many like him are not necessarily mean, scheming, malevolent people. In fact, those who are caught up in insider trading scandals have decades of unblemished careers behind them.

Many charged with insider trading know the rules and have done their jobs honestly and professionally. At the same time, we are all human and, when power and influence come together with temptation, bad choices are sometimes made.
As a Philadelphia insider trading attorney, the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi have also encountered a number of businesspeople unfairly caught up in insider trading investigations. On an industry that relies so much on trust, accusations such as this need to be defended strongly and swiftly to protect professional reputations.

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