Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Forfeiture Attorney in Philadelphia

There are many practices within the legal system that can generate confusion or debate among the people involved.  One of the most controversial and confusing practices is forfeiture.  Asset forfeiture is a legal process in which the government can exert the right to seize any property that they feel has been connected or directly involved in criminal activities.

Because the forfeiture procedure is unique compared to other criminal proceedings, many defendants can feel severely disoriented and helpless.  The government often oversteps their bounds and seizes much more property than what can be proved was related to something criminal.  When facing forfeiture, it is imperative that you contact a skilled and knowledgeable Philadelphia forfeiture lawyer from the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi.

Hire a Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer to Understand your Options and Rights

There are three different categories for assets that are subject to forfeiture.  The first category is made up of non-monetary property such as smuggled goods, drugs, and other crime related contraband.  Monetary assets make up another category and include the profits and proceeds from criminal activity.  Many people suffer unnecessary hardships when financial assets are taken especially because funds can be seized with very little evidence and before any convictions take place.  A forfeiture attorney understands the problems associated with unfair forfeiture and can use their expertise to provide you with a strong defense.

Forfeiture proceedings are either criminal or civil.  Most cases of forfeiture are civil and take place before a conviction has been given.  In civil forfeiture, the charges are made against the taken property while the owner serves a claimant trying to prove the innocence of their assets.  Criminal forfeiture is present as part of the verdict and serves as a disciplinary action against a recently convicted defendant.  No matter what type of charges you are facing, our attorneys can work for you throughout every step of the process.

An Experienced Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer will Protect Your Personal Property and Assets

While many crimes require proof ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ in order for a conviction to take place, forfeiture can be justified with much less evidence.  The prosecution just has to show that any seized property was obtained around the same timeline as the illegal activity.  The law offices of Peter J. Scuderi can provide you with a lawyer who will work vehemently to protect you and your loved ones from these allegations.

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